Curiously Creepy: Until You’re Mine

Product DetailsUntil You’re Mine by Samantha Hayes


Released today, I anticipate Until You’re Mine will be a popular thriller this year. I really enjoyed reading this novel. It was an easy page turner and I was keen to find out how it would end. It will appeal to anyone who likes thrillers but is squeamish with too much gore or unsettling content.

Claudia, a heavily pregnant woman, is a harried children’s social worker with an ever-growing case load. Her husband is often away completing secret navy missions in submarines so she is left to care for her two stepsons. To ease her burdens she hires Zoe, a live-in nanny who has a secret past. Meanwhile, around Birmingham there have been two attacks on pregnant women and their unborn children. Lorraine and her husband, both detectives, are following all leads and meet a number of curious characters.

As you can imagine all strands of the narrative become entwined as the story progresses. The story alternates between Claudia, Zoe and Lorraine. All three narratives were equally enjoyable but I felt that Lorraine’s personal story away from the investigation was slightly irrelevant as it did not really move the plot along.

The ending was not what I expected and I’m glad there was an interesting twist.  However, I did feel the author spent too long leading me down the wrong path. With the final revelation I had to spend what felt like too much time recalibrating information about one of the characters and still wonder if it is all plausible. Unfortunately I have to remain cryptic, otherwise the revelation will become obvious.

Regardless, the ending is not disappointing and Until You’re Mine will be a good summer read, particularly if you are whiling away some time on holidays!

Until You’re Mine: 4 stars

Thank you to Random House for an advance copy of the title to review.


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