Who is Orange Pekoe?

I’m afraid there’s nothing too original behind my motivation for starting this blog in 2013: I am an avid reader, love books and wanted to keep a record of everything I read. I bet that sounds like you too!

I am currently trying to keep to novels of no more than 200 pages in the hope I will reach the end. This strangely coincides with the arrival of my adorable Son #2 who joined our family in May. (It goes without saying that Son #1 is also adorable.)

Restricting page length certainly adds a degree of difficulty when selecting a book to read but I look forward to it expanding my comfort zones of mostly Scandi crime* and Australiana**. Make your own assumptions about what connects these two genres and then please let me know your theories!
*perfect for dim, dark winter afternoons in London
**appreciated more since moving abroad over 10 years ago

I live in the UK by way of Australia and Orange Pekoe was my preferred flavour of tea in Australia. It is like Lady Grey, only richer. Those with an interest in psychology probably have oodles to say about the fact that I am a hopeless coffee addict but have named my blog after a tea.

I am pleased to say it is now near impossible to get a bad cup of coffee in Tooting.

Vintage-Garden-Tea-Party-GraphicsFairy-1024x842 crop

A continued big thank you to The Graphics Fairy for some wonderful vintage steampunk images.

Steampunk globe


6 thoughts on “Who is Orange Pekoe?

  1. Hi there Orange Pekoe, I used to get your posts delivered as an e-mail but notice they’ve been missing – apparently now in the reader, which I don’t go through as often. I couldn’t figure out how to alter it back – is there any way you can do it at your end? (I particularly miss your logo, as well as the reviews, of course!) Thanks! x

    • Hi, Crimeworm – I hope the new year is treating you well!
      I was playing around with my blog recently and thought my sidebar looked too full so I took some things away and then (of course) put everything back, or so I thought! The email link is back now but you may need to re-register for email updates. Hopefully it will work OK.
      Glad you still enjoy the logo 🙂

  2. I’m with you on the tea thing – great name for a blog! I think I need more Orange Pekoe in my life… I tend to go for straight up English Breakfast, but lovely bold ones.

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