Found My Next Series: Fall From Grace

Fall from Grace: #5Fall From Grace by Tim Weaver

When Leonard Franks and his wife retire to the seclusion of Dartmoor, everything seems perfect until Leonard heads outside to fetch firewood from the back of the house and never returns. Nine months later, with the police investigation at a dead end, Leonard’s family turn to David Raker for help but nothing can prepare Raker for what he’s about to uncover because at the heart of this disappearance lies a devastating secret.

First Impressions: It was easy to be drawn into the story. A real page turner!

Highlights: I thought it was well written for a thriller. I usually find myself cringing a bit with some thrillers but this was great. The story was plausible and I loved the way Raker investigates. It may sound dull but I found it intriguing when he described the documents and photos he was examining, looking for clues. I felt like I was watching the best sort of missing person documentary on TV (I’m thinking of you, Disappeared!).

If I was an editor: Luckily the great story overshadows my little quibbles. Firstly, I couldn’t see how a covert visit to the nearby island was necessary. The institution had long since closed down yet Raker was obsessed with getting there to help solve the case. Secondly, others readers love this but I felt that the final unravelling of the mystery went on for a bit too long. I prefer my crime novels to be more restrained rather than it feeling like a surprise matrioskhi doll presenting all sorts of surprise revelations.

Overall: I think I have found a new series to fill the void Jussi Adler-Olsen’s Department Q has left behind!