Enjoyable Bling: I am the Secret Wag

I am the Secret WAG: The True Story of My Life as an England Footballer's WifeI am the Secret Wag by Anonymous

Transworld released this memoir / biography to coincide with the World Cup. As I had recently been trudging my way through a number of heavy and gloomy novels I was thrilled to win a copy in a Twitter competition. It’s not necessarily the sort of book I would always choose but I hoped it would be a good antidote to my recent reading.

Money, cars, homes, holidays, shopping sprees… The Secret Wag confirms that everything you assume about the lifestyle is true. But what is it really like living in both the spotlight and in your husband’s extensive shadow?

First Impressions: I wasn’t taken by the first few pages. Her husband writes the introduction and I found his assessment of her being a strong, loving, independent woman was a bit cliched and over the top. I also wasn’t impressed with some of the language used: someone is in DeNile. This usually makes me groan and put a book down but there was something about this story that made me want to keep going. Maybe it was the comment that footballers are only ever found in three places: training, a club or playing XBox.

Highlights: The more I read, the more I realised that the writer is quite intelligent. When writing about her children she seemed incredibly sincere and honest. I don’t know enough about the WAGs to be able to make a decent guess at the Secret Wag’s identity. When I think of WAGs the name Coleen Rooney circles mind but that is mostly the extent of my knowledge. I wonder if the Secret Wag is maybe married to someone in a lower league and this is a pastiche of stories; Coleen was friendly to her at an event and Toni Terry perhaps not. Anyway, after reading about the restrictions on a WAGs life I do wonder if the author is just desperate to use her mind for anything other than booking manicures and tipping off the paparazzi.

If I was an editor: I wouldn’t be surprised by some of the average or poor reviews for this book but seriously, what do people think they are picking up to read? Do they honestly hope to find something profound and life changing? The book is exactly what you would expect, but a fun journey. The parts of the memoir I personally didn’t enjoy so much were the description of the couple’s amorous interludes. It didn’t read very passionately to me and I wonder if it was included to provide some excitement for readers wanting an extended version of a Heat article.

Overall: I really enjoyed this memoir for what it is. It is exactly what I had hoped for and expected. No scandalous tales implicating others were included (to the disgust of some other reviewers it seems) but I hardly expected this.

I am the Secret Wag: 4 Stars

Thank you to Transworld for a copy of the book!