Adrenalin Hit: I am Pilgrim

9781439177723I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

After reading a few quite heavy books recently, I wanted an action story; a page turner that wasn’t quite 100% mindless. I found it!

Pilgrim is the name of a man who doesn’t exist. Now retired and the author of a book about perfect crimes he is drawn back into action after the discovery of a body in a cheap Manhattan hotel. This crime will take him to the Middle East and help him find a man called the Saracen who is taking the long road to revenge against the USA.

First Impressions: This would make a brilliant film.

Highlights: An incredibly well researched and planned novel. It was completely believable at all turns. I liked the way Hayes kept the story moving backwards and forwards in time so you have to keep your wits about you and piece together the timeline yourself. Hayes has an insider knowledge of all the locations and all the characters were interesting with convincing motivations. A real page turner for the astute reader if ever there was one.

If I was an editor: I did wonder at one point if too many layers were being added to the story. It was a similar feeling to watching a three hour film and yearning for a 94 minute gem from the ‘good old days’. As everything tied together at the end, the plot meanderings were worth it.

Overall: Wow. All the reviews are correct. Satisfying and fun but not necessarily profound. A cut above your average thriller.

I am Pilgim: 4 stars

Thank you to Random House (Transworld) for a  copy of the ARC to review.

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