Leap Year Book Challenge 2016


I stumbled across this meme on Brona’s Books who explains:

Four years ago today I came upon this little book meme doing the rounds on facebook. I decided to re-jig the idea for the 2016 leap year.
I hope you can join me.

I think Brona has been secretly waiting 4 years to do this meme again 🙂

Leap Year babies will tell you how special it is to be born on the 29th February.
To celebrate a once in 4 year event – go to page 29 of the book you’re reading right now and copy the first sentence onto your blog or into Brona’s comments section

I am currently reading Tooth and Nail by Ian Rankin, the 3rd Inspector Rebus adventure. Page 29 describes a rather grisly autopsy. I’ve had to search hard to find a quote that won’t offend people’s sensibilities as they have a lazy scroll through the WordPress reader:

Well, thought Rebus, so far they could strike the mortuary assistant and one of the photographers off the possible list of suspects: everyone else in the room was five feet eight or over.

tooth and nail