2 New Pods – Unconcluded // Knock Once For Yes

I love podcasts. There is so much variety out there. I am a long time fan of Conversations with Richard Fidler and In Our Time. I also love the comedy of 2 Dope Queens and My Dad Wrote a Porno.

Recently I stumbled across a whole new world of indie podcasts. While many of these pods just don’t sound professional enough for me to enjoy, here are two I can’t stop listening to:

Unconcluded: This is the perfect recipe of being Serial in style with a dash of rogue amateur detective. It follows the 2006 disappearance of Jennifer Kesse in Orlando. The host is examining the case with fresh eyes and is uncovering some potential new leads along the way in a case with little evidence. Once you know the timeline of events you don’t really need to listen to all the episodes in order as it is not necessarily a linear investigation. I didn’t; I picked the more intriguing episodes first.
This is a highly professional sounding production that is giving a fair amount of air time to potential witnesses which caught me by surprise as these testimonies would usually be edited right down. Yet this approach does add to the uniqueness and originality of the podcast particularly as the case has not moved far in 11 years.

Knock Once For Yes: I will admit that I’m not a believer of the paranormal but this pod about stories of the supernatural, spooky and strange is incredibly entertaining, particularly when I’m relaxing. The hosts are pleasant to listen to and have a great rapport. Despite the content of the pod I’ve mostly been listening to it before I go to sleep! The stories are charming as they sound like traditional Victorian ghost tales but have detail like, ‘I was driving along the slip road into Northampton…’
All of the stories I have listened to so far have been from the UK and Northumberland seems to have the most ghostly activity so far… The hosts are always looking for stories to share; unfortunately my only spooky story is fairly tame…

I hope to uncover more indie podcasts soon!

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