One Year On: My Laser Eye Surgery

I had my final 12 month eye check* today so no better time to write a post about the whole experience. I have been meaning to write a summary/review for about 9 months but as my eye sight is so good it always slips my mind.

When people find out I’ve had laser eye surgery they often have lots of questions for me, particularly if they wear glasses. Here are the questions I’m usually asked:

Where did you get it done?

I did a lot of internet research and my preference was to not use a ‘high street’ chain (although they do have lots of good reviews). I booked a free consultation at Accuvision, Parsons Green, for a number of reasons. They are a small but established clinic with long standing staff. It was also convenient for me to get to all the appointments which is important.

I also liked the fact that they are not pushy in any way whatsoever. I was asked if they could give me one follow up call in seven days and that has been it from the marketing side – no emails or post with deals and refer a friend incentives. They sent me away with an information pack and a list of surgery dates for the next 3 months if I decided to go ahead with it.
(I booked in before the follow up call).

What was the surgery like?

Quick. I wasn’t looking at my watch but it felt like I was in the theatre for no more than 15 minutes in total. The treatment on each eye only lasted a few minutes. I won’t go into too much detail but there was some pressure applied to the eye and then you saw a laser. When I sat up after the surgery I could already see better than before!

Did it hurt?

No. Drops were applied to each eye so you didn’t feel anything. However, when the pressure was applied it was uncomfortable more than anything.

Did you have to wear bandages?

No. I had sunglasses with me to block out glare. After the surgery I had to sit with my eyes closed for about 20 minutes and then I went home and spent an afternoon in bed with my eyes closed as much as possible. I had to put in drops quite regularly and I had leave-in bandage contacts that I didn’t even notice that were to be removed the next day. For the next few days I felt the same mild sensations I used to feel with new lens prescriptions when your eyes and brain are adjusting to the new vision.

Was the surgeon good?

He was brilliant. He had a lovely warm manner about him and although I only met him before my surgery I felt in safe hands. His surgical team were also fantastic and one of the staff even held my hand when the pressure was put on each eye as it was a little uncomfortable.
I was also impressed with the opticians. I had most of my appointments with Joan and she was great. I’m a little sad I won’t be seeing her again!

Did it work?

Absolutely! The treatment started working immediately. I caught a taxi home and by the end of the 20 minute drive I could read street signs unaided. Now, a year on, when the sun comes out on lovely spring days the colours I see are so vivid it’s wonderful. Everything is so sharp.

How much did it cost?

Well, most clinics have their prices up front on their websites but there are always deals. I got a spring deal last year that made it almost half price.

Did anything go wrong?

My left eye corrected to 20-20 immediately but my right eye took a bit longer. That being said it was hovering around -0.25 which was a huge improvement overall from -3.00 and looking through both eyes (as you do) I couldn’t even notice the fault. I didn’t realise it for a while but I also had a mild halo on my right eye which was more noticeable when I was tired. About 6 months to the day after surgery it completely disappeared overnight. Suddenly my new eyesight was even better than before and since the halo disappeared my right eye continued correcting itself. Amazing.

But you suited wearing glasses!

That didn’t mean I enjoyed wearing them! I am also vain enough to have always bought expensive designer pairs.
I am sure that if I had stayed in Australia I would have had this surgery done sooner due to the glare and the annoyance of swapping sunglasses to regular glasses when driving into carparks, etc. I also found contacts more comfortable to wear in the UK. I can now add that getting ready without putting contacts in is so much quicker and easier! Opening ovens and walking outside in drizzly showers is also more pleasant.

I have been saying for years that I would like to have laser eye surgery but it wasn’t until my son was born and I was still in hospital and realised that he was looking into my eyes through my glasses that I decided I wanted to have it done.
Everyone is different and if you want it done then book yourself a consult. If you are still unsure then leave it and the right time for you will come.

*I don’t think everyone needs a 12 month check but as my right eye wasn’t fully corrected at 6 months I had this appointment.



5 thoughts on “One Year On: My Laser Eye Surgery

  1. I had laser eye surgery, almost ten years ago. The only thing I noticed was light sensitivity for a few years after. It’s amazing isn’t it!

    • Yes it is amazing! You must barely remember your life with glasses now.
      I’m sure you felt your light sensitivity was insignificant in the bigger picture of getting wonderful vision.
      I didn’t know whether to add the info about the minor problems with my right eye as slightly less than perfect vision with a minor halo was still much preferable to my previous vision.
      I decided to include the info (hoping it wouldn’t turn people off) because whenever I looked online I only saw ‘miracle’ comments – ‘I had perfect vision after only 12 hours’ and that’s not the case for everyone 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the brilliant spring colours.

  2. So glad it worked so well for you! I’m too big a wuss to have it done and no longer of an age when wearing glasses bothers me, but if it had been available when I was in my twenties I’d have loved to get it done.

    • As much as I rave about the surgery to people, I know that people will either want to / are ready to have it done or are not. It’s a personal thing which is why I’m against ‘refer a friend’ marketing gimmicks.
      When I got home from the initial consult with my envelope of info I put it away and lay on the sofa for a while ignoring it because I knew that once I opened it I would be booking myself in for the surgery – I wanted to do it but it would be changing who I am as I’ve worn glasses for 20 years. (Yes, I can over think things!)
      I also wanted to get it done before I get into my 40s – alas, I’m not in my 20s – and will most likely need reading glasses at some point as most people do (laser can’t fix this general weakening of the muscles).

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