February 2016 Reading Round Up

February was another busy month at Orange Pekoe but unfortunately most of this activity was behind the scenes rather than online. After avoiding all winter flus since October I finally succumbed to a nasty one this month which kept me in bed. Luckily I had a pile of page turning novels on my bedside table and Kindle and read a total of eight books. However, as I was unable to sit at a computer and articulate any thoughts whatsoever about what I had read I am still to write any reviews I am quite behind on reviews.

February in Finland

This month I hosted my own personal reading challenge to connect a bit more with my Finnish heritage. I read four fantastic Finnish novels in translation and found it rather illuminating and broadening to read a series of novels from one country. I should do it more often.

A Tale of Two Publishers

Peirene Press – publishers of Euro fiction that can be read in under two hours

I have been aware of Peirene Press for a few years now and even follow them on Twitter. I finally read their novella The Brothers by Asko Sahlberg for February in Finland and was really impressed. I hope to read more from their back catalogue over the coming year. These lovely novels will also make beautiful gifts 🙂

Orenda Books

I have seen Orenda’s name about and have also been following them on Twitter without too much thought about their books. It was by reading novels by Kati Hiekkapelto and Antti Tuomainen that I did some research into the independent publishers and and am now in awe of Karen Sullivan who started the company. Her aim is to publish excellent fiction and if that happens to be an author’s second or third novel (even in a series) so be it – incredibly brave in the publishing world.
Orenda titles like visiting a private art gallery like the Wallace Collection in London or New York’s Frick Collection where every painting is enjoyable to view because it was collected by someone who enjoys art. Anyway, I hope to read a lot more Orenda books this year.

Read Rebus

I have now read books 1-3 in the Rebus series. Each was better than the last so I look forward to reading more!

Operation Read My Own Books

As it is most likely I will be moving house later this year, I am forcing myself making an effort to read read some of the many novels on my bookshelves, particularly those that I have already moved with twice in the last decade.

Pick of the Month

This month the choice came down to two of Kati Hiekkapelto’s novels and I ended up picking The Hummingbird because, well, I (e’herm) liked the crime more, if you are allowed to say that.


Coming Up

I really do intend to continue with A Brief History of Seven Killings… It was just too confusing to follow when unwell!



2 thoughts on “February 2016 Reading Round Up

  1. Hope you’re feeling better now.

    It’s too hot in Sydney to catch a flu right now! It has been one of those long, hot, sticky summers. Day after day of unrelenting blue skies and no rain in sight. We’re all exhausted as the nights are not cooling down either, so no-one is sleeping well. A week lying on the lounge, not moving and reading would be delightful though.

    I look forward to the reviews as you get back into the swing of things.

    • Thanks Brona, I am feeling much better! I haven’t been sick like that since my first winter here in the UK about a decade ago (wow – I can start using the word decade now to define my time in London, scary!) so I feel I have the right to moan a little about it.
      I’ve heard a lot about the lingering summer in Australia and it’s no real surprise… I spent July and August in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Melbourne was like London but once I got to Brisbane I had to ask my husband to pack me some shorts for when he joined us!
      I must say I don’t miss the humid , sweaty summer heat…
      I recently watched an old episode of Australia’s Next Top Model and the girls were doing a ‘scarily cold’ swimsuit shoot in winter at Bronte Beach – all the crew were in t-shirts so I didn’t feel too much sympathy!
      (And as an aside I don’t know how I would have coped pregnant in a QLD summer, I wilted in London!)

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