January 2016 Reading Round Up


January was a busy month for me on my blog. I read a total of eight novels* which is a great start to the year. The previous two Januaries I had read a combined total of one novel but this was mostly due to guests staying on after Christmas.
*Some of these novels were short but I am currently working my way through A Brief History of Seven Killings so it all evens out in the end!

For the first time in a long while there were two book reviews that I kept going back and editing as I found it hard to articulate exactly what I wanted to say (The Fine Colour of Rust) and I missed too much of the author’s intention by rushing to get my review published (The Natural Way of Things).

The Natural Way of Things was by far my most popular review this month and I gave away a copy of The Fine Colour of Rust in the Australia Day Book Hop Giveaway.

Reading Challenges

I read three books for my Australian Women Writers Challenge and one overlapped with my Women’s Classic Club Event (Tirra Lirra by the River). I also read two for the Japanese Literature Challenge 9 which takes a break this month until later in the year.

Unfortunately I failed to join in the Wharton Review or Vintage SF Challenge but was supporting them both in spirit and in the sidebar!

Picks of the Month

So, which two books do I highly recommend you rush out and buy? Eva Dolan’s brilliant third Zigic and Ferreira crime instalment After You Die, and Kenneth Cook’s outback thriller Fear is the Rider.


Coming Up

In February I am planning to read some Finnish novels in my February in Finland (personal but all welcome) event. I hope to finish A Brief History of Seven Killings and keep working through the 19 Ian Rankin novels I haven’t yet read!


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