February in Finland 2016

February in Finland

This month I’d like to get back to my Finnish heritage and read some novels from Finland that have been languishing on my TBR pile for too long. There are four novels I plan to start with:

Two Crime Novels

The Hummingbird by Kati Heikkapelto

The Healer by Antti Tuomainen (I have already read his fabulous second novel Dark as My Heart)

Two Literary Novellas from the Peirene Press

White Hunger by Aki Ollikainen

The Brothers by Asko Sahlberg


I have about 5 other books on my shelf but I will start with these.

Finnish novels are usually overshadowed by the Scandi neighbours but it seems there is a small but steady stream now being translated into English.

If you happen to read a Finnish book this month or have done in the past, please leave your link or any comment below.  English and Suomi welcome 🙂


12 thoughts on “February in Finland 2016

  1. I’ve a soft spot for Finland because when I was a snotty teenager I loved listening to Finnish metal bands. I’d love to read some Finnish lit, although they have very little international visibility, it seems.

    Recommend me some authors?

    • Now you’ve forced my hand with my guilty secret – I haven’t really read many Finnish authors because I can’t read Finnish and they’ve only just started really being translated into English… This is why I am finally doing this! I have read Sofie Oksanen’s Purge before and liked that.
      I will keep you posted…
      What bands did you listen to?

  2. It is a little bit “funny”, but those books and writers (except one) are totally unknown to me although living in Finland 🙂 The writer Asko Sahlberg was a name, which I have heard, others are unknown to me.

    • That is really funny! It’s always odd which authors and books get translated into English (but every other language seems to get Dan Brown etc :-))
      What Finnish authors are super popular / in all the book stores? (Even if they aren’t translated into other languages).

  3. My best friend and childhood neighbour’s mother was Finnish, so we grew up with Moomins and other Finnish influences. I’ve enjoyed Kati Heikkapelto (even more her second book in the series The Defenceless) and I’ve also recently read (but have yet to review) The Girl and the Bomb by Jari Jarvela.

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