Interesting Characters: Someone Else’s Skin

Someone Else's SkinSomeone Else’s Skin by Sarah Hilary

Called to a woman’s refuge to take a routine witness statement, DI Marnie Rome instead walks in on an attempted murder. Trying to uncover the truth from layers of secrets, Marnie finds herself confronting her own demons. Because she, of all people, knows that it can be those closest to us we should fear the most …

First Impressions: I could see Marnie Rome’s personality shine through straight away which bodes well for a first crime novel in a series.

Highlights: Marnie Rome is definitely an interesting character and I enjoyed her back story. I also like her partner Noah Jake. He also strikes me as being quite unique and I would like to know more about his background. Characters are always important to me particularly in crime fiction as I feel disappointed whenever I meet a flat, forgettable detective who is only there as a means for the author to describe a crime. The story itself was plausible from the start and it was definitely believable how Rome and Jake got caught up in solving more than one crime.

If I was an editor: As much as I enjoyed the story I did think there was a bit too much explanation at times with characters mulling over things. I would prefer more action with things being revealed in said action. However, the strength of this novel really is the characters and I am curious to see how everything (including writing style) move on in book two.

Overall: A solid debut to what seems to be an interesting series.


One thought on “Interesting Characters: Someone Else’s Skin

  1. An excellent review of a great book – I think explanations tend to be more prevalent in first books in a series, especially one like this that has a number of characters – the second book is just as good!

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