2016: A New Direction

Perhaps it is a bit dramatic to infer I have a whole new approach for my blog in 2016 but you know how it is – after a while you mull over things and think about what you’d like to do differently.

A new tagline

Recently I changed my tagline from Too Many Books to Reading for Pleasure.

Too Many Books was how I felt when I started this blog – Oh, so many books out there I’d like to read. So many possibilities! Unfortunately over the last couple of years this tagline started to take on a more sinister feel. I was drowning in books both physical and kindle. Sure, I had a couple of book buying binges in sales but many of these wonderful novels I wanted to read came from super kind publishers. There were not enough weeks in the year to topple the TBR pile so I recently had a giant book cull.

Now, I plan to read what I am in the mood for and not feel guilty about all the unread gems on my bookshelves.

The case against ARCS

This leads from the previous point. Not only is it too easy to drown under piles of ARCs but I will never be a blogger who times reading and reviews to release dates. I don’t have the time. I really admire all the bloggers who can do this and ARCs are designed for these wonderful people. I read about a book a week and when you throw in a few ARCs and some library books, I’m OK buying the rest. The longer I blog the more I respect the authors and their royalties. I am not signing off ARCs for good. There are some authors I love that I am desperate to read as I can’t wait until the release date (Thank you, Eva Dolan!) and others that (like library books) allow me to test the waters with one novel before I am so utterly addicted I go and buy the whole series (I’m looking at you, Anya Lipska!).

Reading Challenges

I am definitely going to do my two favourite Challenges again (Australian Women Writers Challenge and Japanese Literature Challenge) but feel like branching out a bit more. Just look at my sidebar! I tried to join in three readalongs in 2015 (War and Peace, Kushiel’s Dart and Emma) but failed at all three when I ran out of time. I have to be a bit kinder to myself and just enjoy supporting a challenge if I can’t end up finishing it. I may even branch out and get in touch with my Finnish heritage by hosting a February in Finland event but let’s just see how January goes first!

Goodbye to Ratings!

I see this debated a lot and recently wondered what my ratings were actually achieving. The weirdest book I read this year – Asa Nonami’s Now You’re One of Us – I only awarded three stars but I don’t want people to avoid reading it because of this rating. I’ve managed to publish reviews in December with no rating and didn’t end up hyperventilating so it is possible.

Monthly Round Ups

Well, maybe I shouldn’t get too ambitious…

12 thoughts on “2016: A New Direction

  1. Good for you, reading for pleasure definitely sounds more enticing and you may find that you’re more productive anyway once you take the pressure off yourself! looking forward to reading your new feel blog!

    • I really love the AWW challenge. As soon as a saw it a couple of years ago it seemed like it had been designed purely for my indulgence! I am already off to a flying start this year – already on to my third title 🙂

  2. I’m scaling back a bit this year as well – accepting fewer ARCs and reading from what I already have. My TBR stack is over 400 books… it’s stupid. I’m intending to be 100 books lighter by the end of the year – I won’t be able to read 100 but I will be more ruthless and if I start a book and I’m not loving it, I’ll ditch it (have previously rarely done this…).

    • Good luck with scaling down the 400 books! I am down to the region of 80-100 books on Kindle and paperback. Some of these books are series so I don’t know if I can reduce the number further by saying that 1 series = 1 book.
      I had to be tough and say to myself that unless I wanted to start a book in the next month then I can buy it when I feel ‘in the mood’.
      I have a pile of about 20 books I am stubborn about as I have moved house with them twice.

  3. Ah, I failed the Emma readalong as well. 2015 wasn’t my best year in terms of reading productivity. But I am letting it go and playing it by ear this year. If I read a lot of books good, if not that’s fine. Otherwise the pleasure of reading will dissipate.

    • It’s easy to say this though, isn’t it 🙂 In a perfect world I’d have all the time I need to lazily meander my way through Emma (or insert other classic), then watch the film and then maybe even watch Clueless and do a series of informative blog posts 🙂

    • It’s so easy to get lured into the world of ARCs and hot new releases, isn’t it! I am very guilty of changing my TBR list at the drop of a hat after seeing a few good reviews for new releases. I think part of it though is being able to join in the discussions which I really enjoy.

  4. Oh my gosh. I’m actually cringing reading this post. I was also a book blogger, once upon a time. I know that the struggle is real regarding ARC’s. Long story short, I got exhausted. Anyway, best of luck. And yes, good decision with “Reading for pleasure”, rather than “reading too many books and it’s starting to feel like a damn chore”. I still love reading, though, even if I’m not a book reviewer anymore. Cheers!

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