A Year in Books 2015: Crime Special!

I read a lot of crime novels about 15 years ago but I sort of fell out of favour with the genre. However, this year I have had a bit of a crime renaissance. I can’t say I’ve read a huge number of crime novels but these five have been standouts:

Where the Devil Can’t Go by Anya Lipska: This is where my crime renaissance began. It reminded me how fantastic and addictive crime fiction can be. East London meets Euro Noir. Read it!

The Hanging Girl by Jussi Adler-Olsen: I became so addicted to the Department Q series that until I finished all six novels I had some sort of strange affliction that prohibited me from reading anything else. This is the most current book in the series and in my opinion the best. I love Carl Morck!

Tell No Tales by Eva Dolan: This is the second book in the series. The first book had me intrigued but this novel had unbelievable characterisation and a slick story. I am lucky enough to have an advance copy of number three but am keeping quiet until it is published in January.

A Killing Winter by Tom Callaghan: A crime novel set in Kyrgyzstan? Better than you could possibly expect. The slice of post Soviet life is most haunting.

Dark as My Heart by Antti Tuomainen: A Gothic, Greek tragedy Scandi Noir mash up set in Helsinki? Yes please. As fantastic as you could imagine.


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