2015 Reading Bingo



Thank you to Cleo at Cleopatra Loves Books for reminding me to do this again. I had just as much fun doing it this year as I did last. Only one fail again this year!

A book with more than 500 pagesThe Hanging Girl by Jussi Adler-Olsen

A forgotten classic – Fail! But I have bought a copy of Thea Astley’s A Descant for Gossips!

A book that became a movieThe Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham

A book published this yearDark as My Heart by Antti Tuomainen

A book with a number in the titleNine Days by Toni Jordan

A book written by someone under thirtyHeat and Light by Ellen van Neerven

A book with non-human characters – This may be a bit of a stretch but Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekback

A funny bookThe Sex Lives of Siamese Twins by Irvine Welsh is quite cynically funny…

A book by a female author – So many to choose from! Hardboiled and Hard Luck by Banana Yoshimoto

A book with a mysteryNow You’re One of Us by Asa Nonomi. An incredibly odd story. Exactly what is the family’s secret? Du Maurier’s Rebecca it ain’t!

A book with a one word title Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum

A book of short stories Foreign Soil by Maxine Beneba Clarke

A book set on a different continentAudition by Ryu Murakami

A book of non fiction Girt by David Hunt

The first book by a favourite authorWhere the Devil Can’t Go by Anya Lipska

A book you heard about onlineDisclaimer by Renee Knight

A best selling bookAll the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

A book based on a true storyThe Golden Age by Joan London is about a polio institution in Australia in the 1950s.

A book at the bottom of your TBR pileRevenge by Yoko Ogawa. I ended up borrowing it from the library twice before I read it!

A book your friend lovesThe Strays by Emily Bitto

A book that scares youBlack Rock White City by A S Patric. How can people recover from that sort of trauma?

A book that is more than 10 years oldA Child’s Book of True Crime by Chloe Hooper (published 2002)

The second book in a seriesTell No Tales by Eva Dolan

A book with a blue coverThe Anchoress by Robyn Cadwallader

FREE SQUARE – I will choose the short story collection Close to Home by Robyn Barker as it is the most popular review I’ve written this year by far!



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