Dirty Little Reading Habits

I really enjoyed reading Cleo’s answers to these questions a little while ago on her blog Cleopatra Loves Books – scarily, a lot of her answers were very similar to mine! The questions were originally answered by Marina at Finding Time to Write. I have finally found time to finish my post…

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I like reading in bed but I can also be found on the sofa. I’d love to have my own reading room or conservatory with a comfy chaise, a blanket, integrated bookshelves and lovely bookish wall paper.

Bookmark or a random piece of paper?

Random piece of paper. Train tickets are good and last for ages but I travel around less now that I have a toddler. I collect free postcards that catch my eye and they are great too. I do have a few bookmarks but they are never around when I need them. I have a lovely one from Battle Abbey but it is just a bit too cumbersome to comfortably use in a paperback.

Can you stop reading any time, or do you have to stop in a certain place?

I would prefer to stop at the end of a chapter but now just keep reading until duty calls (ie. my toddler).

Do you eat or drink while reading?

No. Occasionally I’ll have a coffee with me when I settle down to read.

Can you read while listening to music/watching TV?

Definitely not although I am starting to be able to read lighter stuff on my kindle with some chaos around me. On the rare occasion I listen to music I put on classical so I don’t end up singing along and losing my place in the book.

One book at a time or several at once?

I would like to say one book but I usually have two, one on my kindle and one physical book. If one of the two is fantastic I will ignore the other one for a while.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Always silent.

Do you read ahead and skip pages?


Break the spine or keep it new?

Break the spine. I really like to feel I am ‘curling up’ with a paperback.

Do you write in books?

No. I did for a while after finishing uni but as I don’t reread or keep books when finished I don’t see the point. Life is too short.





7 thoughts on “Dirty Little Reading Habits

  1. Fun questions! I do the classical music thing when I’m reading too – words get all mixed up between the song and the book otherwise. But I’ve mastered the art of reading with a cat chewing the corner of the book so I think I should get extra points for that… 😉

  2. I’d be a bit nervous about doing a similar post (because: fold corner of pages; write in books; have up to three books on the go at any one time; read while cooking/ tv on/ chaos all around….).

    • Hi Kate, yes, it does sound like you would fail this quiz 🙂
      I let my son play with the pile of paperbacks I have on the go so you could just imagine how they look after a while! Luckily he respects books and doesn’t tear them at all – in which case I’d put a stop to it – but I don’t think any library book I return still has the return date stamp paper strip in it…
      (Actually, my son’s playing is good in one way because if I have great difficulty finding my place again it means I wasn’t really that into the book in the first place).

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