Right on the Money: Tell No Tales

Tell No TalesTell No Tales by Eva Dolan

The car that ploughs into the bus stop early one morning leaves a trail of death and destruction behind it. DS Ferreira and DI Zigic are called in from the Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit to handle the hit-and-run, but with another major case on their hands, one with disturbing Neo-Nazi overtones, they are relieved when there seems to be an obvious suspect but the case isn’t that simple. Ferreira believes that local politician Richard Shotton, head of a recently established right-wing party, must be involved somehow.

First Impressions: This novel launched straight into the action and intense subsequent police investigation. Love it!

Highlights: I really enjoyed the first book in the series but Tell No Tales is just brilliant in the plotting. There are no loose ends or unnecessary plot strands and it just keeps getting better each chapter! In this second novel the author is right on the money with characterisation. As much as I liked the first book in the series, for some reason I didn’t see too much distinction between Zigic (sensible and genuine family man) and Ferreira (young, loyal and brash) but in this book the characterisation was fantastic and I loved both of them (maybe Zigic a little bit more!). In the first book Hate Crime employee Wahlia just seemed a bit out of focus but this time around I got his character straight away. The plot was full of mystery and really got under the skin of immigrant Peterborough.  I love Peterborough as a setting!

If I was an editor: Don’t worry editors, I have already pre-ordered book three. You mean I need to wait until January??!!

Overall: This is the sort of novel that makes me want to read more crime but Ferreira, you need to become a bit more independent of your family 🙂

Tell No Tales: 5 Stars


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