Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 3

Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 3
Chapters 19-26

Kushiel's Dart

OK, I am a week late with this post but I did have the chapters read in time… promise!

1)  We get a lot of political intrigue to wade through this week, plus a couple of pretty big dramatic revelations, not least of which was the twist of fate for Prince Baudoin and his mother. What did you make of the trial, and what became of these two?
The trial was probably more substantial than I initially thought it would be and it was definitely setting the tone for the future of the story. I was surprised by the outcome of the trial, particularly for Prince Baudoin but then I guess you can’t assume anyone is safe in fantasy! I was hoping he’d stick around.
2)  On a rather different, much more personal note for the House of Delaunay was the drama that unfolded surrounding Alcuin (poor Guy!). What do you think might become of Alcuin now that he appears to be out of the game?
I don’t underestimate Alcuin at all – I think his sombre and sad persona just hides his true intentions. He keeps his cards close to his chest! I think he will strike out alone in some way and become rather powerful…
3)  As we’d suspected last week, Phedre’s refusal to use her signale gets her into some trouble with d’Essoms – but it also gets her the result that Anafiel had hoped for… Do you think she’ll be more careful from here or will this only make that addictive slope more slippery for her?
No, slippery slope.
4)  Speaking of Phedre and trouble, what do you make of the ‘relationship’ building between her and Melisande?
I am curious to see where this leads. The two of them combined would be powerful.
It’s all about power, isn’t it? 

One thought on “Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 3

  1. It’s very true that Jacqueline Carey will kill off characters, but there’s always a logic to it, and political intrigue is usually at the source of it.

    Very true! If Phedre and Melisande joined forces they would be nigh unstoppable.

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