Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 2

Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 2
Chapters 9-18

Kushiel's Dart

1) In these chapters, Phèdre finally gets to have her own dedication ceremony.  Were you surprised by what they did with the dove? Also, do you think it is fair to ask people to make a life decision about serving Naamah at such a young age?
I had to go back and check what they did with the dove as I couldn’t remember… I think releasing the dove didn’t necessarily register much with me but I have since read that others were expecting some sort of dramatic sacrifice. I guess this is an obvious sign that I am only an occasional fantasy reader! Upon reflection, perhaps releasing the dove was a bit predictable and dull. That’s what we do now at ceremonies, don’t we?
I think it’s tough to ask people to make life decisions at such a young age, particularly when they don’t really know what they are getting themselves in to – Naamah’s servants make this decision before even seeing The Showing. However, in the world of the book serving Naamah is so desirable and engrained in society that given time and other options they probably would still make the same decision. Same as what happens in cults I guess!

2) Sex ed is definitely different in Terre d’Ange.  Do you think the Showing was useful for the teenagers? Do you think, at their age, you would have appreciated something like the book-learning they received in the art?
I think it would be useful to have The Showing as learning the facts doesn’t really enlighten you as to what happens or how to be creative. Teens these days have the internet so I guess they have their own private showings! I think the book learning is a good idea but it could be embarrassing depending on who the teacher was.

3) Hyacinthe has some neat theories about Delauney’s past.  What is your favorite theory?
I don’t have a favourite theory but it all adds to the intrigue about the man himself, like with the different name he is called by his former teacher.

4) Phèdre seems to be making a name for herself as an anguissette, known for never giving the signale. Do you think she would ever actually choose to use the signale, even if she were in real danger? Do you think her inability to do so might get her into trouble?
I don’t think she’d ever use the signale… she is marked with Kushiel’s Dart, after all. I don’t think it will get her into trouble. Rather, it will probably help her advance…

5) Do you think Alcuin is enjoying his career as much as Phèdre, or do you think he has a different focus? Do you think their differing appeals and tastes will drive them apart?
No, I don’t think he is enjoying it that much but you never know, he may just be coy. I suspect he is being strategic for himself in his career. As Alcuin and Phèdre have different motives they won’t clash so therefore won’t fall out.

I like how serving Naamah is very gender-fluid. There should be more of this in fiction.
In response to Dab of Darkness: I am an Australian based in the glorious land of Alba, specifically London. I don’t know where Australia would be in the grand scheme of things. Probably far beyond the Tsingano lands…


2 thoughts on “Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 2

  1. I would also say that many major religions ask teens to make life-long commitments at a young age, not just cults. Even school systems with choices in studies.

    Yes! The gender fluidity is one of the things I adore about this book. SFF literature is all abut exploring and accepting differences in and out of our species so I was very glad to see various couples so early in this book. That is a theme that is carried throughout the series.

    Hooray Alba! If the read along continues on with the series (and I hope it does) then we will get to hear more about Alba and the Master of the Straights.

    • Yes, it is rather dramatic to jump straight to talking about cults 🙂
      I am particularly impressed with the various couplings as (I think) the book is over 10 years old and things have changed a lot in that time (still with room for improvement).
      I am really enjoying this novel. It is different to what I usually read so I can easily read it in tandem with another novel and not get the two confused.

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