Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 1

Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 1
Chapters 1-8

Kushiel's Dart

Wow. I read these first 8 chapters really quickly. I was hooked!

1) Here we have the earliest days of Phedre’s life, and we have the story of Elua and his followers. Did you note any similarities between Phedre’s beginning and Elua’s stories? Do you enjoy having these stories upfront or would you rather have had the stories shuffled in later with an adult Phedre looking back?

I didn’t pick up on the similarities but now that you mention it, yes there are a lot!  At first I didn’t enjoy the stories and I hoped the whole book wasn’t going to be weighted down with descriptions of the mythology. However, as  I neared Chapter 8 and all the world started to make sense to me I actually went back and read the history of the land. I am reading a Kindle edition and it opens straight to Chapter 1. After I realised there was a map at the front and I had a look, everything started to make more sense. I like what the author has done with her world building!

2) Hyacinthe has become Phedre’s one true friend. Do you think she is the same for him? The dromonde, or fortune telling, fascinates Phedre. Do you have a fortune telling story?

I think at first the friendship was innocent and both were equals but I started to get the ominous feeling that Hyacinthe has the power and perhaps a sinister motive.

Fortune telling isn’t really my thing but I had my cards read while still at school and I was told I would be taking a journey. I was going on a school trip a couple of months later so maybe that counts?

3) The Midwinter Masque on the Longest Night is a long held tradition in Terre D’Ange. What stood out for you? Have you been to such a fete?

I immediately thought of the Venice Carnival which makes the idea of the world even more interesting. All the colour and action sounded great but it wouldn’t really be my thing.

4) Anafiel Delaunay has many secrets. How do you think those secrets will shape Alcuin and Phedre?

Well, he’s manipulating them, isn’t he? I don’t know exactly how or why but time will tell.

5) Delaunay has a saying; All knowledge is worth having. Do you believe this is so?

A tough one! I’m sure there are some things I just don’t want to know and I have definitely become more sensitive to terrible stories and events since my son was born so I guess I would like to remain ignorant on some fronts…

Other Tidbits

I love the marque tattoos!


One thought on “Kushiel’s Dart Read Along Week 1

  1. I love it when books have maps, and that is one thing I do miss when I read a book via audiobook. Luckily, I have read this book several times and have a paper version to refer to when I want to look at the map.

    When I first read this book, I wondered a lot as to what purpose Anafiel had in mind for Alcuin and Phedre. There’s manipulation there, true, but also the gift of knowledge.

    Good point about terrible stories. Bad things happen to people every day, but can any one human hold the knowledge of all those events? I think that would be very difficult especially if you couldn’t do anything about the situation.

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