Sisterly Friction: What’s Yours is Mine

What's Yours is MineWhat’s Yours is Mine by Tess Stimson

A few years ago I was lucky enough to win a Tess Stimson novel (The Adultery Club) in a competition run by one of the free London newspapers (there were three at the time… Oh the heady days!). I loved it and quickly bought What’s Yours is Mine but it has unfortunately been sitting on my bookshelf since for reasons I can’t explain…

A story of sisters who share just a little too much. Grace Hamilton has it all: career, marriage, enviable home, but there’s one thing she can’t have, a baby. Her younger sister Susannah has made a mess of her life. She has fled the UK to life as a tattooist in Miami, leaving behind two sons in foster care. Circumstances push the two sisters together again – can Susannah help Grace in her quest for a child?

First Impressions: Yep, I was right first time around. There’s something about the way Tess Stimson tells a story that really draws you in.

Highlights: I just really liked the story. In this genre you will always get some plot developments, comments or voices (like the mother in the coma) that make you (more specifically me) groan or cringe but Stimson has it all under control. I found this to be a page turner without thinking that I should have gone with something more substantial.

If I was an editor: Stimson has the right formula! I did wonder at Susannah’s character – is she that detached from her kids, from life? Is she that into casual sex? A lot of family issues from the past were revealed but I did think they could have been more monumental. They maybe explained Susannah’s approach to life, but not really.

Overall: An enjoyable read. Now to order my next Stimson novel… Any recommendations?

What’s Yours is Mine: 4 Stars


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