Pulpy Fun: The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins

The Sex Lives of Siamese TwinsThe Sex Lives of Siamese Twins by Irvine Welsh

This is a bit of a change to my usual reading fare but I needed ‘something different’. A bold narrative voice perhaps…

Fitness trainer Lucy Brennan disarms a gunman chasing two homeless men. Artist Lena Sorenson captures this on her phone and overnight Lucy becomes a media sensation. Lena, overweight and feeling depressed about recent events in her life, decides to hire Lucy as her personal trainer. As the two watch news stories about the sex lives of teenage siamese twins they begin to find themselves shackled to each other…

First Impressions:  Much to my relief surprise I enjoyed this novel from the start. Fast paced and energetic, it had me wanting more. I certainly found my arrogant bold narrative voice!

Highlights: I liked the intensity of the novel and I now feel I properly appreciate the pulp novel is (not my regular genre). The fitness industry and art world almost become cliches but the characters don’t. There are oodles of references and allusions throughout the novel (eg. the siamese twins of the title) that are sort of prophetic to the story, but not really, but who cares. I liked the ending and didn’t guess what may happen as I had no idea what to expect. Those familiar with this sort of story may have seen it coming, but I didn’t.

If I was an editor: Let’s cut down on Lucy’s rants about fitness, health, weight loss and obesity. Overkill! Let’s also cut down on so much of Lena’s backstory. Is it all vital? This novel is an entertaining parody about the fitness industry, paparazzi, and our obsession with image but it is likely to offend some readers.

Overall: Energetic fun. I’m probably not cut out for life in Miami’s South Beach.

The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins: 4 stars

Thank you to Vintage for a copy of the ARC to review

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