A Year in Books

This year I read and reviewed a total of 51 books over 11 months (none in January when my son was born). That’s 4.6 books a month!

I don’t generally consider myself to be a slave to new releases but of the 51 books 22 were written in 2014. That’s 43%

Six books were real standouts:

Three are by Australian Women Writers

The Burial by Courney Collins: A classic western reimagined in 1920s Australia. Brilliant.

Burial Rites by Hannnah Kent: Exceptional historical fiction: a muder trial in 19th century Iceland.

Red Queen by Honey Brown: Genuine dystopian fiction for adults. Almost too believable.

Two were published in 2014

Marriage Material by Sathnam Sanghera: A man leaves his life in London and returns to the family home and corner store in Wolverhampton after his father’s death. Both hilarious and heartbreaking. The only male author on my shortlist!

This is the Water by Yannick Murphy: Murder in a small town American swimming club. I sitll can’t say why I was so mesmerised by this book but I guess I loved it if it made it on to this list! Something very different.

One is a foray into a new genre for the author

The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones: An intricately plotted Edwardian ghost story. Sublime.


For those of you who like statistics (myself included):

Multiple books by a single author:
I read three books by Honey Brown and two each from Keigo Higashino and Michel Faber. What an interesting mix!

Busiest and quietest months:

I wrote seven reviews in September but only managed three in both February and April.

Female vs Male:
I read 35 books by female writers (69%) and 16 books by male authors (31%)
Of my eleven monthly picks, 7 were written by females (64%) and 4 were written by males (36%).

Nationality of Authors:
Australian: 20 books (39%)
UK: 15 books (29%)
USA: 9 books (18%)
Japan: 4 books (8%)
Finland, Ireland and Nigeria: 1 book each (2% each)

Source of Books:
Own copy: 23 books (45%)
ARC / Giveaway: 22 books (43%)
Borrow (library, friend): 6 books (12%)

Kindle vs Physical
Physical books: 23 (45%)
Kindle: 28 (55%)

Most Popular Reviews

My most popular review by far, and much to my surprise was Robin Klein’s People Might Hear You.

The second most popular review was We are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler, a book I didn’t really enjoy.

Only a few views behind this was After the Darkness by Honey Brown.

The review with the least number of views was The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson. Why it was so unpopular, I have no idea!

One thought on “A Year in Books

  1. Wow! These stats are impressive – can’t believe you managed to read and review so many with a newborn (although breast feeding’s one way to sneak in a short read!) I must get round to This Is The Water, this is the second recommendation In “Best Of…” roundups I’ve read in the last few days. And I HAVE to finish Burial Rites, it kind of fell by the wayside in the summer.

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