Six Degrees of Separation #1

Six Degrees of Separation #1: Saturday 5th April 2014

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent is the most recently downloaded book on my Kindle.

The Colour of Milk by Nell Leyshon was the first book I downloaded on my Kindle. I read this book while spending a few nights in Winchester…

Eye Contact by Fergus McNeill has some parts set in Winchester. To get to Winchester I travel by train…
(Find my review of Eye Contact here)

I had a pleasant time reading The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price Purveyor of Superior Funerals by Wendy Jones while stuck on a broken train between Kings Cross and Cambridge. For some reason I confused the title of this novel with…

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. When I read reviews of Joyce’s novel I wondered why it sounded like a completely different book to the one I read on the train!
(Both are great reads in their own right)

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke is another novel I read and loved but I always manage to confuse myself with the title. Mr Strange? Jonathan Norrell? Set during the time of the Napoleonic Wars…

Vanity Fair by William Thackeray is the original classic novel set during the Napoleonic Wars. A highly entertaining read!

Find out more about the Six Degrees of Separation meme here.


9 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation #1

  1. Love that two of the titles on your list were simply ones you had confused the names of – that’s certainly what I call an esoteric connection. Although I can completely see why those titles got mixed up in your mind. Unlike you, I’ve never recovered from my baby brain and make such mistakes all the time! Jonathan Strange and Dr Norrell is a book that appeals to me but I’m always put off by the size. Thanks so much for taking part. I hope you’ll join in again next month – for Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar.

    • Thanks for coming up with this meme Annabel. I am already looking forward to next month. I have been surprised at how much my baby brain has cleared up in the last couple of months and have been delighted with how much I have been reading. If only I could find some time to catch up with reviews!

    • I had hoped to find more intellectual links between the books rather than listing books with titles that confused me (!) but I had a lot of fun putting it together. I liked your list and your comments about The Rosie Project have now added it to my TBR pile! I’ve got mixed feelings about The Art of Fielding. I’ve heard good things about it but it is quite a thick book centered around baseball…

      • I had the same doubts about The Art of Fielding which is why I have put it off for so long. I find it hard to believe I could get interested in a book about baseball. But so many people have told me otherwise, I’ve changed my mind and am going to give it a go.

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