Oslo Perfection: The Devil’s Star

The Devil's Star: A Harry Hole Thriller (Oslo Sequence 3)The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo

Harry Hole has plummeted into a drunken state of disarray at the start of this final novel in the Oslo Trilogy. Confronting Waaler about The Prince doesn’t help his situation and he seems stuck in a world of self pity and loathing.

One case does pique his interest: a serial killer seems to be targeting women randomly, cutting off one of their fingers and leaving a rare red diamond shaped as a Devil’s Star at the scene. Naturally, he is put on the case with Waaler so cue lots of sardonic conversation and wry observations from Harry. Tom even tries to recruit Harry into doing some underhand jobs for him. As I have said before, I love the relationship between these two men so was delighted to see Waaler have such a large role in this novel. Jo Nesbo fills in a lot of Waaler’s history and I was fascinated.

When the crime unravels towards the end of this book it is rather dark although not gory. Along with the Hole-Waaler dynamic it brings out Nesbo’s black humour.

In this novel, Harry’s alcoholism forces a division between him and Rakel. I was fine with this as I am not so taken with Rakel’s character but understand she is there as the forgiving and caring woman to highlight Harry’s inability to establish himself in a relationship.

As hooked as I was on this book, I thought the ending was somewhat overly dramatic. Nonetheless, it tied up the three books known as The Oslo Trilogy. I didn’t know what it was exactly that tied these books together but now that I have finished The Devil’s Star I can easily see the narrative arc.

I am going to continue working my way through the Harry Hole sequence of novels to see what he gets up to next. I strongly suggest that if you plan give the Harry Hole novels a go, read them in order so you can get the most out of them!

The Devil’s Star: 5 stars.


2 thoughts on “Oslo Perfection: The Devil’s Star

  1. I love his books and I agree about that ending. Wait till you get to The Redeemer. I thought that one was as near perfection as The Devil’s in terms of story and action with surprise twists.

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